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We carry several movie review RSS feeds on the home page of Enjoy a Movie. Here are some other resources:     


Search by movie title, then quickly scan what critics said about it. Don't agree? You can weigh in with user-contributed content , too.

Parents Television Council 
Guidance for parents on all the new releases. 
Reviews movies, TV, games, music, and websites for families. Includes Movie Mom's archived reviews, too!

Movie Information Databases
Browse movies by genre, year of release, or country of origin. Includes info on new releases, feature stores, and lots more. 

Internet Movie Database (
Plotlines, bloopers, quotes, trivia, trailers...everything you could possibly want to know about a movie is included. 

View Movie Preview Trailers 
More than three million trailers, reviews, interviews, and more. Includes recent theatrical releases, new DVDs, and even new TV shows. 

Apple - Trailers 
Current and upcoming film trailers.

Yahoo Trailers 
Current and upcoming film trailers. See which ones are most frequently viewed!