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Mini Art in the Lobby Exhibit features 54 pieces

IMG 0722A copy

Seven super Mini Art Masterpieces on our walls.

Given the opportunity to create mini masterpieces by picking up kits available at the LPL, artists of all ages took the opportunity.

IMG 0723 copy

More great work.

Three walls of the LPL lobby hold 54 Mini Art Masterpieces from community members and staffers through the month of June, 2022.

IMG 0724 copy

Whole families submitted masterpieces.

When you're visiting, be sure to come take a good, close look for yourself.

IMG 0725 copy

Colorful they can be.

Teen librarian Laurel Griffith ushered the project from start to finish.

IMG 0726 copy

All of the work deserves attention.

Keep your eyes open for additional art projects.

IMG 0727 copy

You might be up on the wall if you participate next time.

Events can be found on our calendar page.

IMG 0729A copy

Great art in a small scale.

IMG 0730 copy

Take a good look in the lobby.

IMG 0731 copy

Artists live among us.

IMG 0728 copy

Little art, big effects.