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Information on more than 29,000 assistive technology products, from white canes to voice output programs. Contains detailed descriptions of each product including price and company information.

ADA publications, design standards, questions and answers, mediation program and information line.

Central New York community organization that provides advocacy, information, and support for people with disabilities. Offers information on accessibility and independent living services.

Offers programs for those who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing. To view programs and services, scroll down and click on the Services link in the left column.

Provides information on disabilities in children and youth; programs and services for infants, children, and youth with disabilities; IDEA, the nation's special education law; No Child Left Behind.

Comprehensive Federal website of disability-related government resources.

Designed for teachers, parents, and children. Offers information on learning disabilities of every type. Find expert research, legal information, a free electronic newsletter, and more.

The Library of Congress web site which explains the service, provides an FAQ file, and links to lists of talking and braille books.

Lends braille and recorded books plus necessary equipment to residents unable to read printed material due to disability. Describes services and offers applications for both adults and children.

Lists assistive technology equipment and library materials that are available to the residents of the Onondaga County through OCPL.