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This website provides data from the New York State Statistical Yearbook that includes health and population statistics as well as information on education and the economy.

Resident population and apportionment counts

Federal Interagency Forum offers statistical reports on children and families.

Access to official statistical information from over 100 U.S. federal agencies.

US Census data describing the people and economy by state and county from 1790 to 1960.

National Center for Education Statistics website provides statistical information on public and private schools, colleges and universities, and public libraries in the United States.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website lists sites by county. Includes Bloody Brook and Onondaga lake information and updates.

Bibliography of the most recent state statistical abstracts published since 2000.

Easy to access national, state, and county census information.

Website makes available in PDF the most recent edition of the U.S. Statistical Abstract as well as historical abstracts back to 1900.

Federal Reserve Board's online site provides interest rates on Treasury Bills, CDs, federal funds, commercial paper, bank prime, corporate bonds, and conventional mortgages.

Maintained by the University of Michigan Libraries' Government Documents Center, this web site provides a directory of resources under topics such as Agriculture, Business & Industry, Education, Energy, Foreign Trade, Government Finances, Health Housing, Military, Politics and Transportation.

Most complete source for U.S. demographic data including population, housing, income, and business data.