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Passport Applications

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If you are a United States citizen and do not yet possess a United States Passport Book or Passport Card, you may now apply for a passport at the Liverpool Public Library. Appointments are required.

The U.S. Passport Book is a globally accepted travel document regardless of mode of travel.

The U.S. Passport Card is a wallet-size card that can only be used for land and sea travel between the United States, Mexico, Canada, Bermuda, and the Caribbean.

Appointments are required; call (315) 457-0310 ext. 104 or ext. 148.

For more details regarding United States passports, visit the US Department of State website.

The following documentation is required to begin the 
application process:

  • Official State-issued birth certificate (abstracts and hospital certificates are not accepted), expired United States Passport or naturalization certificate.
  • State-issued photo identification
  • One check or money order for the application fee made payable to U.S. Department of State.
  • Payment (cash, credit/debit card or check) for the $35 execution fee payable to Liverpool Public Library.
  • One passport photo - The Liverpool Public Library offers passport photos for $10. 
  • Application forms - Available online or at the library.

Processing Times are generally 8-11 weeks for routine service, 5-7 weeks for expedited service. Check online for the most current info.

14-21 days after your application has been submitted you may check the status online.

Please visit the Department of State for information regarding applicants under the age of 16.



  • Adult Passport Book & Card • $160 plus $35 Execution Fee*
  • Adult Passport Book • $130 plus $35 Execution Fee*
  • Adult Passport Card • $30 plus $35 Execution Fee*


  • Minor Passport Book & Card • $115 plus $35 Execution Fee
  • Minor Passport Book • $100 plus $35 Execution Fee
  • Minor Passport Card • $15 plus $35 Execution Fee
  • Check or money order for the application fee is made payable to U.S. Department of State. The execution fee of $35 is payable to Liverpool Public Library.

Please note: U.S. Passport fees are standardized. Every passport acceptance agency charges a $35 execution fee. 

Additional Fees:

  • Expedite Fee (per passport) • $60
  • Overnight Delivery • $19.53