Sing Along Storytime Lyrics

Monday, December 4, 2017

Grumpy Bird (Tankard) grumpy bird
Mice (Fyleman)
Animal Boogie (Harter)

Hello everybody and how are you? 
How are you, how are you, 
Hello everybody and how are you? 
How are you today? 
Come on everybody and clap your hands….

Who’s that, tapping at my window, 
Who’s that, knocking at my door? 
Abby, knocking at my window, 
Michael, knocking at my door. 

Early in the morning [ECHO] 
When I'm fast asleep 
I hear a little birdy 
That goes cheep cheep 
And the little birdie 
Has a funny name It's [It’s] Called... [called]
Agga flagga fleagle flaggle Ishka nishka nogga naggle 
Agga flagga fleagle flaggle 
Birrrrdie [repeat] 
I'm gonna buy some bird seed 
For my windowsill 
Just to keep him quiet 
Just to keep him still 
It's for the little birdie 
With the funny name It's -- Called …

I’m gonna shake, shake, shake my sillies out, 
Shake, shake, shake my sillies out, 
Shake, shake, shake my sillies out, 
Wiggle my waggles all away 
Stretch, yawn, jump, clap 
Shake it to the east

Shake it to the west

Shake it all around
and then you take a rest

Shake your shakers up

Shake your shakers down

Shake it, shake it, shake it,
and then you settle down [Going to Kentucky]

Where is shaker, where is shaker 
Here I am, here I am! How are you today, friend? 
Very well, I thank you. 
Run away. Run away. 
...rolling on the floor ...jumping up and down ...shaking on my shoe 
Can you shake along with me?
Along with me, along with me,
Can you shake along with?
Put your shaker on your... knee


Math Moment! (From flake

Snowflakes are beautiful, but it’s hard to see exactly what they look like. They’re teeny and they melt fast. So photographer Alexey Kljatov figured out how to take the best snowflake photos ever. He sets up his camera with two lenses back to back, to magnify the picture even more. He lets the flakes land on dark wool so they show up well, and snaps 8-12 shots really fast before the flake moves or melts. Then he lines up those photos on top of each other to show all the little edges and lines and feathery spikes. As we see here, flakes usually have 6 sides, but can also have just 3! And as we know, every flake will look different from the next. What shape does the top right 3-sided flake look like?


Motor Boat Motor Boat 
Go so slow 
Motor Boat Motor Boat 
Go so slow 
Motor Boat Motor Boat 
Go a little faster 
Motor Boat Motor Boat 
Go a little faster 
Motor Boat Motor Boat 
The waves are getting worse! 
Motor Boat Motor Boat 
Put it in reverse!!

Here We Go 
Come along everybody, hush your talking 
All join hands and let’s go walking 
Come along everybody, stomp your feet …. 
Stretch up high … Jump up and down … bark like a dog

Ring Around the Rosie mice
Pocket full of posie 
Ashes, ashes, 
We all fall down! 

The cows are in the meadow 
Eating buttercups Moo, moo, 
All stand up! 

Go round and round the circle 
Go round and round the circle 
Go round and round the circle 
As we have done before 
Go in and out the circle… 
Go up and down the circle…

The boats are sailing around the bend, 
Bye-bye, my Roseanna. 
All loaded down with fishermen 
I won't be home tomorrow. 
Refrain: Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, 
Bye-bye, my Roseanna. 
Bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye-bye, 
I won't be home tomorrow. 
2. A dollar a day's a sailors pay 
Bye-bye, my Roseanna. 
It´s easy come, easy slip away 
I won't be home tomorrow. 
3. Oh Roseann, sweet Roseann 
Bye-bye, my Roseanna. 
I'm going away, but not to stay 
I won't be home tomorrow. 
4. We're sailing North, across the bay 
Bye-bye, my Roseanna. 
We won't be back for many a day 
I won't be home tomorrow

Mighty pretty motion 
Toodala Toodala, Toodala 
Mighty pretty motion, 
Toodala, Toodala la lady. 
Rock old Soney, 
Toodala . . . 
Clap your hands . . . 
Stamp your feet . . . 
Goodbye, story time!


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Ms. Laurel

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