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Monday and Thursday, Oct 2 and 5, 2017


The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark (Geist)

I Spy Under the Sea (Gibbs)

I Am a Shark (Shea)


Bread and butter, marmalade and jam

Let's say hello as quiet as we can‚ (whisper: hello)‚ loud as we can

...slow as we can as we can

...high as we can

...low as we can

...nice as we can


Hello everybody and how are you?

How are you, how are you,

Hello everybody and how are you?

How are you today?

Come on everybody and clap your hands‚


Who’s that, tapping at my window,

Who’s that, knocking at my door?

Wendy, knocking at my window,

Michael, knocking at my door.


Baby shark (doot doo doo, doot doo doo)

Mama shark

Daddy shark

Sunny day

A-going swimming ,

A tidal wave,

Shark attack!

Swimming fast!

Safe at last!

Baby Shark Song Video


Skip one window, tideo

Skip two windows, tideo

Skip three windows, tideo

Jingle at the windows, tideo

Jingling, jingling, jingling Joe

Jingle at the windows, tideo


Are you sleeping, are you sleeping

Brother John, Brother John?

Morning bells are ringing,

Morning bells are ringing,

Ding dang dong

Ding dang dong


We’re going to Kentucky

We’re going to the fair

To see the senorita

With flowers in her hair

Shake it baby shake it

Shake it if you can

Shake it like a milkshake

And do the best you can

Round a do bop! One two!

Round a do bop! One two!

Turn around and turn around

Until you make it stop!


At the bottom of the sea

All the fish are swimming

Here and there and everywhere

Oh, Arthur, Arthur, we love you


Math Moment:

Ripley Aquarium in Toronto, Canada gives a great behind-the-scenes peek at mealtime in their Dangerous Lagoon. First the aquarium workers have to scoot the sea turtles out of the tank. Then the fish who like to eat at the surface are fed; the workers drop the food into the corners of the tank, which lures the hungry fish there. For fish who eat along the bottom, their food is shot down there through tubes. Finally, with everyone happily munching, the aquarists stick fish on a long pole and hold it out over each shark’s special spot in the water. The sharks eat just 3 times a week, but together they manage to chow down 1,000 pounds of fish in that time!


If the sharks eat 3 times in a week and have eaten twice already, how many more meals do they have left?



Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Go so slow

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Go so slow

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Go a little faster

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

The waves are getting worse!

Motor Boat, Motor Boat

Put it in reverse!


The wheels on the bus go round and round

All through the town


Go round and round the circle

Go round and round the circle

Go round and round the circle

As we have done before

Go in and out the circle,

Go up and down the circle‚


Mighty pretty motion


Toodala, Toodala

Mighty pretty motion,


Toodala la lady.

Rock old Soney,

Toodala . . .

Clap your hands . . .

Stamp your feet . . .

Goodbye, story time!


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