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Welcome to Blarney's Blog

Who is Blarney, you might ask?
I am Blarney Killarney from the grand clan of Killarney Leprechauns.

  photo_2.jpgA wee bit of Irish magic an' grand ol' fashioned Irish luck landed me in the Liverpool Public Library. Why might a leprechaun end up so far from Ireland? 'Tis a true tale that I tell. I was out for a stroll among the heather, when I happened along a couple of tourists. Now I have a little hobby of climbing into the backpacks of tourists because you never know what kind of interesting reading materials they might have, and I love to read. 'Twas so nice and warm inside the backpack that I found meself drifting off to sleep. Now, leprechauns do not sleep often, but when they gets their mind set to sleeping they can sleep for days. One minute I was reading snug in the tourist's backpack, and next thing I know I'm tucked away inside the pages of a book on a sale shelf inside a library lobby. To awake surrounded by books! What glorious fortune! 'Twas no small bit o' magic there. I no longer have to sneak into the backpacks of tourists. I have many lifetimes of reading materials here. I looked around for the best place to build my home, and noticed several nice young lassies above me, new friends, books from floor to ceiling-- what better place to call home?!

So that 'tis the tale of how I, Blarney Killarney, came to live at the Liverpool Public Library.

I'm a wee bit shy, so you will never see me, but you can write to me or visit my house located in the Children's Room of the Library.

Write to me:
Please place all letters in the mailbox located above my door
in the Children's Room at Liverpool Public Library.

or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I 'ave a green pap'r crane in me hous' made by me friend Diane. She n' some youngin's made a lovely display of cranes ov'r the summ'r n' the library.
Thank ye for ye lett'rs, Jonathan. I sometimes comes out when ye visits me, but ye can't see me, I be invisible. 
Isabel, I be glad that ye has such a grand family. Family 'tis a wonderous thing. I 'ave grand family. I do not have a wife or any kids yet. I come from the grand clan of Killarneys from County Killarney, Ireland. I has tons of cousins, brothers, n' sisters. I have a mammy 'n da. We leprechauns only live with our family 'til we turn fifty, then we are bachelors until we settle down and start our own families around our 200th birthday. I'm in my wanderin' n' explorin' age. I still visit me family for special occasions. I'm only 131, so I still have plenty o' time to settle down an' find me a wife.
Nathan, 'tis grand that ye likes me hous', doors, n' me bed. 
Lily, I got both o' ye lovely emails.
Shane, 'tis not me choice to show meself, as I wrote befor': I am aroun' justinvisible. It 'tis leprechaun law that only our elders get the choice to show themselves to humans. We young'ns are invisible to all humans. Older ones of us sometimes choose to reveal themselves to humans, but rarely so as they loose bits o' their magic 'n don't live near as long as if they stay hidden. But I be here, ye just can't see me. 
Ashley, 'tis very lucky indeed that ye leprechaun left ye some gold coins. 'Tis rare that we leprechauns spare any o' our gold.
Audree, a pet 'tis a grand idea. But we leprechauns be friends o' nature n' lovers of all creatures n' don't keep pets like ye humans do, I 'ave many friends that I visit n' visit me that be animals. I did keep a snail once as a hous'mate n' Ireland. 'Twasn't a particularly chatty fellow, if I recall. I do not think I'll take on anoth'r hous'mate just yet.  I often take tea with the woodchuck that lives 'n the library's side yard. He's brillant but too large for me hous'. 
  by me friend Matthewbkmatthew.jpg by me friend Arielbkariel.jpg by me friend Sofia bksofia.jpg
by some friends bk2.jpgbk1.jpg  by me friend Sophiabksophia.jpg  by me friend Zhariabkzharia.jpg
 by me friend Annabkanna.jpg by me friend Ben bkben1.jpg by me friend Zharia bkzharia.jpg
 by a friendbk6.jpg  by me friend Ellabkella.jpg  by me friend Abbybkabby.jpg
by me friends Ben n' Abbybkbenabby.jpg by me friend Ben bkben2.jpg  by me friend Katebkkate.jpg
bkstacey.jpg bkalyssa2.jpg


I've nev'r had so much fun 'n one summ'r befor'. Yesterday, I met Clifford! The Big ol' Red dog himself, 'twas grand. Also enjoyed a lovely piece o' banana.

Abigal, thank ye for ye many lett'rs n' lovely stick'rs.

Anthony, happy belated birthday, I hopes ye's enjoys bein' seven. Cheers!

Thomas be askin' if I 'ave ev'r ridden a magical pony ov'r a rainbow whilst little fairies be blowin' me kisses. - Thomas, I 'ave ridden many a pony, n' spent time inside many a rainbow but I 'ave nev'r experienced what ye describe, sounds wonderful. 

Lily, 'twas no need for me to go on vacation with so many brilliant things to do here. Summ'rs are magical at the library. I saw ye makin' crafts with ye wee sist'r.

Hello to ye, Raven!

Lydia, fairies are friends, not pets. I often 'ave tea with good fairy friends o' mine, Camomile n' Rosehip.

Stephen, 'tis lot's o' places called Rainbow Bridge n' they all truly exist. There 'tis one with Hippogriffs, Unicorns, n' all magical beasts. 'Tis anoth'r one that be the restin' places o' pets when they leave us. 'Tis even Rainbow Bridges 'n the human world too, like the one in Niagara Falls. 

Abby n' Nina, thank ye for the good day n' summ'r wishes.

Kate n' Anthony n' Jonanthan, I love when ye's visits me hous' n' writes me lett'rs.

Kyleigh, 'tis grand that ye likes me bed.

Joseph, I'm a wee shy partly because I'm so small. But I loves when ye writes me n' peaks into me hous'. 

I consid'r ye me friend, Zachregis.

Chloe! 'tis right sometimes I'm sneaky, like when I untie shoes, o' move Ms. Davitt's stickers. 

Thank ye for all ye grand lett'rs. I 'ave so many brillant friends. Many o' ye 'ave sent pictures, I will share these soon. 

Your Pal,