Staff Directory

Library Phone Number: (315) 457-0310

Director 101 Glenna Wisniewski

Assistant Director

110 Susan Reckhow

Circulation Services

148 Margaret Sanchez
Meeting Room Reservations
(Carman & Sargent Rooms)
183 Valerie Knoop
Collections, Information and Reader Services 181  Annette Friedrichs
Reference Desk & Program Registration main #
Information Technology 110  Susan Reckhow
Communications 112  Diane Towlson
Business Manager 106  Martha Hopper
Human Resources 108  Robin Davis
  107 Nancy Marcellus
Community Engagement & Outreach 124 Maggie Foster
Passports 104  Martina St. Leger

Teen Librarian


Laurel Griffith

Children's and Family Services


Amanda Schiavulli

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