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Would you like to borrow a Chromebook with Internet access?

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Thanks to CLRC and CNYFi, Liverpool Library has a limited number of Chromebooks available for lending. Chromebooks are powerful in their simplicity, allowing users to access the internet, especially Gmail and other Google services, quickly and easily, as well as limited capability for downloading and storing files. The kits also come with a wireless hotspot, allowing you to bring free internet with you wherever you are. Want to access your cloud storage on the go? Need to attend an online class but don't have access to a laptop?

Place a hold on a Chromebook with Internet hotspot, 3-week loan period.

Have WiFi at home? Need a computer to use all day at the library? on a Chromebook without an Internet hotspot.

Want to find out more about Chromebooks? Looking to purchase your own laptop and wondering if a Chromebook is right for you? Call the library at 315-457-0310 extension 140 today to schedule an appointment for more information.