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Printing from our computers, or from your own laptop to our printer

Price: 10 cents per page black & white, 50 cents per page color.


If using your own laptop, you can use the the PrinterOn service:


Print Service for Mobile Users

Price: 10 cents per page black & white, 50 cents per page color.

Print from anywhere, and come to the library to pay for and release your printed pages.

PoweredByPrinterOnPrint from our computers, from your computer, or from your mobile device.

Read on for more information about printing from mobile devices or remote locations using PrinterOn.

Print from your Mobile Device using PrinterOn

Liverpool Public Library is a PrinterOn public printing location. Use our Print Release Self Service Station to print emails, attachments, photos, boarding passes, web pages and more from your Internet-connected smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Come to the Print Release Station in the library to release, pay for, and pick up your document. Your email address is required to release your document. All document files are purged from the system at the time they are printed, or after 6 hours if not printed.

Black and white printing: $0.10 per page
Color printing: $0.50 per page

If you want to print an email:

Send or forward the email to: for black and white printing ($0.10/page) for color printing ($0.50/page)

If you want to print a document or image:


  1. Open your browser to the Liverpool Public Library PrinterOn Portal Page.
  2. Choose black-and-white ($0.10 per page) or color ($0.50 per page) for your print-outs.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Follow the directions on the Portal Page for uploading your document.
  5. Click the grey arrow to continue.
  6. Select printer options: portrait or landscape mode, and which pages of the document to print.
  7. Click the green print icon to submit your job.


Select an item to print:

  • Many tablet apps (such as Dropbox, for example) will let you send (on an iOS devices) or share (on an Android device) content with the PrinterOn app.
  • The PrinterOn app allows you to select a photo from your device, or specify a Web site. 
    Please note: We do not have photo print quality paper for our printers, and do not allow other paper to be inserted in our printers.
  • If you want to print what you are seeing on your tablet screen, use your device’s capability of storing a “screen capture.” On Apple iOS products, press the Home button and On/Off button at the same time. An image of the display will now be in your Photos, and you can select it from within the PrinterOn app.

From the PrinterOn App:

  1. Use the app’s Search function to search “Liverpool”.
  2. Look for the two printers named “Liverpool Public Library”: the Black-and-White and the Color printer. Select one of the Liverpool Public Library printers.
  3. Tap "Print".
  4. Enter your Email Address and tap the Check Mark.
  5. You can use the PrinterOn app "Print History" function to see if your job was successfully sent to the Liverpool Public Library's printer queue.

We recommend that you use the computers in the library to print Web Sites, rather than the PrinterOn app.
This printing service can print over 100 types of file formats, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, JPG, TIFF, and more. Complete list available at the PrinterOn site.

If you want to print a web page:

We recommend you make use one of the computers at the library for this function, as you will then be able to preview the formatting of the printout before sending your job to the printer.
It is possible to use the PrinterOn Portal Page or the PrinterOn app to submit a web page (URL) for printing, however we have found that the layout of the printed page is often unsatisfactory and you will not be able to preview the format of the printed page before paying for the print job.

If you want to print a boarding pass:


Print the message as described above in “If you want to print an email”.


Print the pdf file as described above in “If you want to print a document or image.”

At the library, to release and print your documents:

NOTE: You will NOT be able to preview your documents before printing.

  1. Go to the Print Release Station in the center of the library.
  2. Type your email address in the indicated space on the screen.
  3. The list of print jobs you have submitted will be displayed. Use the mouse to select one or all of the print jobs.
    If you forwarded email messages for printing, you will see the subject line(s) of your email(s) on the screen, with an indication of the number of pages and cost. Any attachments or embedded images will appear as separate lines, with the file type indicated on the screen.
    You can print the message as well as the attachments and images, or just select the attachment(s) or message to pay for and print.
  4. Click "Print" in the upper left corner of the Print Release Station's screen.
  5. Put your money in the vending device next to you.
  6. Retrieve your papers from the printers adjacent to the Print Release Station.

A word about security: Your email address is used to identify your print requests. As no password or release code is required, this service is not recommended for private, sensitive information. For sensitive materials, it is recommended that you print using the service that is available from the computers in the library, where you will be able to select a private code word to identify print requests. Library staff will be happy to help you sign up for a library computer.

The Liverpool Public Library is making available the PrinterOn remote printing service as a convenience to our patrons who are using mobile devices. The Library staff are not able to trouble-shoot remote printing via PrinterOn, an independent vendor. The Liverpool Public Library assumes no responsibility for the security of data files transmitted to the library’s printers via the PrinterOn service. You use this service at your own risk.

Get the PrinterOn app for your smart phone, iPad, or tablet at