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Library of Things - Rokus

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Stream movies and more on your TV set without a cable or satellite provider. Choose from a wide variety of movies, TV shows, music, sports and news.

LPL is unable to lend Rokus with paid subscription services. This decision was made as a result of copyright and licensing issues. 

Even without subscription services, Rokus currently offer a variety of free content and original programming. The LPL also offers access to DVDs and Hoopla for additional entertainment alternatives. 

Roku Channel List

1. NBC News
2. CBS News
3. Weather Nation
4. Wall Street Journal
5. NewsOn
6. PBS
7. PBS Kids
8. Filmrise Kids
9. HappyKids
10. Roku Kids & Family
12. TED TV
13. C | Net
14. I Heart Radio
15. Roku Channel
16. Live TV on The Roku Channel
17. Tubi TV
18. Pluto TV
19. Crackle
20. Popcorn Flix
21. Plex
22. Filmrise
23. Fawesome
24. Fawesome British
25. Comet TV
26. The Fitness Channel
27. Healthy Recipes
28. Healthy Recipes- Meal Ideas and Nutrition
29. Recipe Channel
30. Bon Appétit