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Adults Can Experience Discovery Kits in the Library, Too

2 years ago

LPL staffers have put together two Discovery Kits earmarked for adults to use while visiting the LPL.

Seeing the popularity of Discovery Kits keeping patrons happy in the Children's Room, a Sensory Kit and Lite Brite Kit can now be secured by request at the Information @ LPL Desk in the main room for use here.

The kits are the subject of this week's community column for the Eagle News Online/Star Review.

Adult Sensory Kit copy

Here's what you'll find in the Adult Sensory kit.

 If you didn't see it there, you can read it here:

Adults can now ask at the Information @ LPL Desk to use a pair of new Discovery Kits while visiting the Liverpool Public Library.

The Adult Sensory Kit and Adult Lite Brite Kit are mirrored after the popular Discovery to Go Kits available in the Children’s Room.

LPL librarian Maggie Foster said the new kits are available for adults of all ages. She foresees that they can be particularly appealing for the community of adults with special needs who use the LPL.

Foster said she’s already heard of how one patron used the sunglasses in the Adult Sensory Kit to help gain a better understanding of a neighbor with a visual impairment.

The Adult Sensory Kit also includes headphones that help dampen loud noises with a chart that explains what volumes are appropriate where.

“We want everybody to feel comfortable in the library, but sometimes it’s too loud,” Foster said. “So our sensory kits aren’t only a learning tool, but are also a helping service.”

The adult kits can be obtained by asking a staffer at the Information @ LPL Desk. The Discovery to Go Kits are available in a rack next to the information desk in the Children’s Room.

Masks must be worn while visiting the library.