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LuBossa Kicks Off Latin Rhythm Series with Two Voices, Guitar

Mark Bialczak | 15 days ago

When Luba Lesser and Jason Kessler decided to mesh their musical talents to form the band LuBossa, something special happened.The nylon strings of his guitar and the sound of his...

The Boys in the Band

Rod Blumenthau's Dixieland Five Promises to Make the Most of That Style

Mark Bialczak | 44 days ago

A true lover of his chosen style will ring the piano keys in the Carman Community Room.Rod Blumenau's Dixieland Five will conclude the Origins of Jazz 2019 program at 2 p.m.

AndrewCarrol Outside

Andrew Carroll Expects to See Familar Faces as He Delivers Styles of Hancock, Corea

Mark Bialczak | 3 months ago

For a piano player who’s yet to turn 30, Andrew Carroll sure has put in plenty of attention from Central New York jazz fans.As a student at Manlius Pebble Hill...

Mark Nanni

Mark Nanni and the Intention to Explore Style of Bill Evans in the CCR

Mark Bialczak | 3 months ago

Get set for round two of Origins of Jazz 2019.The piano sounds move back into the Carman Community Room at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct.


Origins of Jazz Series Shines Spotlight on Piano Styles

Mark Bialczak | 4 months ago

The Origins of Jazz series is coming back for the LPL community.


John Gora & Gorale Goes Deep with 'My Polish Roots & Beyond'

Mark Bialczak | 7 months ago

The 10th album from John Gora and Gorale delightfully covers a wide span of polka bases.


Celebrate the Holidays with the Onyx Clarinet Quartet

Mark Bialczak | 14 months ago

The musicians in the Onyx Clarinet Quartet will make sure of that.They promise a set of music to wrap up the Fall Music Series: From Bluegrass to Polka to Holiday...

New Leaf Ens Trio

You Can Make This Up, Say the Musicians in the New Leaf Ensemble

Mark Bialczak | 15 months ago

There could be surprises sprung at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 18, in the Carman Community Room during the third concert of the Fall Music Series: From Bluegrass to Polka to...


Fritz's Polka Band Knows How to Spread Happy Vibes

Fritz's Polka Band and Mark Bialczak | 15 months ago

Fritz’s Polka Band will fill the Carman Community Room with happy sounds this Sunday. Oct. 21.That much you can bank on.Fritz Scherz has been making me smile with his music...

BFL CD Cover

Brothers for Life Bring the Comfortable Feel of Home to 'Visible Soul'

Mark Bialczak | 18 months ago

BFL and “Visible Soul” are named very well.

Rainbow Missy online

Enjoy a Wide Range of Music from Rainbow Missy and the Grin Reapers in the Carman Community Room

Mark Bialczak | 20 months ago

The trio Rainbow Missy and the Grin Reapers promise a versatile set when they open the figurative doors to the outdoor concert season with a show on the Dinosaur Garden...


Music to Smile about from Julie Falatico and Rick Montalbano

Mark Bialczak | 23 months ago

The third of four Origins of Jazz III The Jazz Singer series shows had the big Carman Community Room crowd toe-tapping and smiling widely the afternoon of Sunday, March 18.Vocalist...


Savoring the First Half of the Winter Music Series

Mark Bialczak | 23 months ago

The day following the concerts, I posted song videos on our Facebook page. They scored lots of views.I squirreled away a couple for here, though.


We've Got Much to Celebrate the Music, Man with Neil Diamond

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

Neil stuff for sale at the show. Karen got a T-shirt.In fact, I don't know which I enjoyed more.

BigD Orchestra

The Big D Orchestra featuring Sharon Allen Kicks Off 2018 Origins of Jazz Series

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

It's time for America's music to sweeten the Carman Community Room again.The 2018 edition of the Origins of Jazz series will honor The Jazz Singer.The first of four concerts, on...


Enjoy a Song for the Holidays from the Salt City Harpers at the LPL

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

The seats were full to experience the holiday sounds from the Salt City Harpers on Sunday, Dec.


Salt City Harpers to Let Loose Lush Carpet of Four Majestic Instruments

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

There's bound to be a marvelous holiday spirit when the world of harp music visits the LPL.The Salt City Harpers will turn their four big stringed instruments onto a batch...


Big Mike Fiss Leaves Legacy with 2 Complete Local Holiday Music CD Packages for LPL Collection

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

A present from Big Mike Fiss to the LPL local music-loving community.

peg dan2

Dan Duggan to Treat Carman Community Room Music Series to Sound of His Hammered Dulcimer

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

The third installment of the Fall Music Series reaches the Dulcimers stage of the proceedings Sunday, Nov.


Songwriters of All Styles, Levels Share Their Songs and Suggestions

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

Phrases such as "I like they key changes" and "It's all in the phrasing" met with nods and, and maybe even a smile or two.It was obvious that all were...


Be Ready for String Music to Be the Talk of the Carman Community Room

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

The Jefferson String Quartet will include Sonya Williams and Edgar Tumajyan on violin, Lindsay Groves on cello and Dana Huyge on viola.Classical music, yes.Traditional string quartet show, no."We will show...

skip Murphy2

New Blog Post

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

The new music series that fills the LPL’s Carman Community Room with wonderful sound starts this Sunday, Sept.

Josh Burke2

The Kid returns a man, and he's ready to be a rock for his community

Mark Bialczak | 3 years ago

Josh Burke was 17 years old the last time I sat with him in a conference room, talking rock music and life.


Sophistafunk lays down a good 'Real Vibration'

Mark Bialczak | 3 years ago

I never saw a Sophistafunk set where people weren't up, out, flying about in the middle of a great time.The new album from Real Vibration the Syracuse funk and hip-hop...


Edgar Pagan sounds sweet, with support from many cool friends

Mark Bialczak | 3 years ago

Edgar Pagan can make a few calls, send a couple of emails, punch out a text or three and put together a CD that stands up to anything out there...