Archive: October, 2019

Mark Nanni

Mark Nanni and the Intention to Explore Style of Bill Evans in the CCR

Mark Bialczak | 3 months ago

Get set for round two of Origins of Jazz 2019.The piano sounds move back into the Carman Community Room at 2 p.m. Sunday, Oct.


Will Smith Delivers Big, Bold Strokes to the Latest 'Aladdin'

Mark Bialczak | 4 months ago

When it came time to turn the Disney resources toward the remaking of Aladdin, director Guy Ritchie went big.

The Public wide

'The Public' Examines How a Library Balances Rights, Needs and Obligations to Many

Mark Bialczak | 4 months ago

There are many reasons that people enter the doors of their favorite public library every day. The programs. The WiFi. The computers. The magazines. The books, still and even.