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Mom Follows the 'The Book of Henry' No Matter the Chill

Mark Bialczak | 24 months ago

Genius has no limits, Henry figured, even when you’re 10 years old and raising your mother and little brother.

prepaid minutes

Library Renewals and Cellphone Plans

Keith Gatling | 24 months ago

Take a good look at the headline for this installment of my Mr. G blog.


We've Got Much to Celebrate the Music, Man with Neil Diamond

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

Neil stuff for sale at the show. Karen got a T-shirt.In fact, I don't know which I enjoyed more.

BigD Orchestra

The Big D Orchestra featuring Sharon Allen Kicks Off 2018 Origins of Jazz Series

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

It's time for America's music to sweeten the Carman Community Room again.The 2018 edition of the Origins of Jazz series will honor The Jazz Singer.The first of four concerts, on...


How to Allow Your iPhone to Be Used in an Emergency

Keith Gatling | 2 years ago

When your phone is locked, suppose something happens to you, and a bystander or first responder needs to contact your family to let them know?

Dunkirk wide

'Dunkirk' Paints the Tensions of Escape on Land, Sea and Air

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

There was no getting away from the unbearable tension at Dunkirk those striking days during World War II when the German forces had the Allied troops sealed off on the...

Battle of the Sexes Wide

Emma Stone, Steve Carell Capture a Snapshot of Cultural History in 'Battle of the Sexes'

Mark Bialczak | 2 years ago

If you lived through the ‘70s, the phrase Battle of the Sexes is no stranger. Women were working hard to get their just due, and certain men were quite reluctant...