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Brothers for Life Bring the Comfortable Feel of Home to 'Visible Soul'

6 years ago

BFL CD Cover2BFL and “Visible Soul” are named very well.

Brothers for Life is a five-piece band that recently put out its second album. Mark Peck, Jeff Haines, Greg Haines, Barry Vaughn and Rick Lopresti – the order they’re listed on the liner notes – recorded the disc “Visible Soul” at Syracuse’s Subcat Studios.

Vaughn, of Liverpool, asked me if I’d like to hear about his music project when he left a message on my LPL phone line. Five lifelong friends making music together, he explained when we touched base. Would I like to hear the result?

Sure thing. Would he like to have a copy of the CD added to the LPL’s Local Music collection while I wrote a review here on You betcha.

Recorded in May 2018 and engineered and mixed by Ron Keck, these baker’s dozen songs by the quintet of great pals are the real deal. The album is a smooth and soulful show of what collaboration can cook up, arranged with devotion and creativity by the band.

Yes, they’re all original songs. They carry with them the comfortable feel of a crew that's spent the time needed to understand the ups and downs of each others lives with a wink and a nod, a lyric and a riff.

Kickoff tune “Listen,” written by Jeff Haines and Mark Peck, features breezy vocals and catchy harmonies. “Splainin’” bounces to cool keyboards and a fun “Lucy, I’m Home” send-up for a nostalgic finish. “Beautiful Daydreams” allows the burst of a staccato guitar. The title song straddles passion and pain.

There’s a pulse of percussion in “Don’t Be Blue” and a piece of country in “Maybe Then You’d Still Love Me."

“Constant Prayer” allows a James Bond-like feel.

And there’s more deep stuff.

Through it all, they show that sharing is caring. All five are given vocal and percussion credits; Peck and both Haines play varies guitars, while Vaughan plays lead guitar as well as keys and organ; Lopresti plays drums.

You can check it out on our rack in the main room or on the online catalog.