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Why Not Handle Those Gift Card Receipts with a Photo Finish?

by Keith Gatling | 5 years ago

Keith Blog photo 11 30I love gift cards.

I have them for my favorite restaurants and places to shop. But one thing I hate about them is keeping track of how much money is left on each one.

Keeping the little receipt in my wallet makes it eventually want to explode.

Writing the amount down on the card with a Sharpie means another cross-out each time I use the card.

Writing down the amount in the notes app on my phone means that I have to remember to do it…and I often don’t.

Then one day the little light went on over my head.

 KeithBlog11 30B2

This was the perfect thing to use the camera on my smartphone for. I took a picture of the gift card with the little receipt. Now the information I needed was stored safely somewhere that wouldn’t cause my wallet to bulge.

And…to make things even easier for me, I created a special album in my photos app just for those gift card/receipt photos.

Now I do this for all my gift card purchases. And each time I use the card, in addition to taking the picture with the new receipt, I delete the picture with the old one!

Why didn’t I think of this before?