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You Never Know Who Might Show Up from Your Neighborhood on the Dinosaur Garden Lawn

3 years ago

It was an exciting morning for the young ones, their families and caregivers this morning of Monday, July 26, on the Dinosaur Garden lawn.

Trainer Rachel Putnam brought her Shelties Karimba and Habaya for this week's edition of Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood? Story Time.

Great Dogs Day

Putnam read a story.

The kids petted 3-month-old Karimba.

Elder Habaya turned in jumps and other truly noteworthy tricks.

Yes, you'll find more than dinosaurs ZuZu, Mari and Dhari on our lawn.

The next edition of Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? Story Time arrives at 10 a.m. Monday. Aug. 2.

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