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Sometimes It's OK to Throw Away a Password

Keith Gatling | 15 months ago

What’s a throwaway password? It’s a password for a website that you use very rarely. Perhaps it’s a shopping website that you use maybe once or twice a year, but...

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When It's OK to Use the Same Password

Keith Gatling | 15 months ago

The last time I was here, I said how you shouldn’t use the same password everywhere. I also said that there were a couple of exceptions to this.

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It's Not That Difficult to Figure Out a Hard Password

Keith Gatling | 16 months ago

By now, many of you have probably already heard that Facebook’s been hacked, and that you should change your password.

WiFi vs Cellular Data

Cellular vs. WiFi

By Keith Gatling | 17 months ago

Mr. G tackles the issue of Cellular vs. WiFi via video.

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Understanding WiFi

By Keith Gatling | 18 months ago

Take a video trip to the land of WiFi with LPL tech guy Mr. G.

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You Can Take It With You

Keith Gatling | 19 months ago

The internet, that is.


The Digital Magnifying Glass in Your Pocket

By Keith Gatling | 20 months ago

If you, like me, are at “a certain age” – and even if you are younger – you might find that things below a certain font size are incredibly hard...

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So You Want to Know Why to Text?

By Keith Gatling | 21 months ago

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Keeping Your Contact Info Up to Date

Keith Gatling | 23 months ago

Getting a new cell phone with a new number? Changing your cell phone number? Changing your email address? Be sure to let all the online services you subscribe to know...

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Library Renewals and Cellphone Plans

Keith Gatling | 24 months ago

Take a good look at the headline for this installment of my Mr. G blog.